Strengthening Research Structures Program in Castilla y León “Stairway to Excellence” co-financed by OP Castilla y León ERDF 2014-2020

IRNASA-CSIC is part of the Strengthening Research Structures Program in Castilla y León “Stairway to Excellence” co-financed by OP Castilla y León ERDF 2014-2020, whose objective is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

In this context, IRNASA leads its activity to the development of science and technology in grasslands, crops and plant products, environmental conservation and livestock health. IRNASA integrates chemistry, biology, pathology, soil science and ecology to provide understanding and science-based solutions for the maintenance of sustainable agrosilvopastoral systems.

The activities of IRNASA are additionally supported by its scientific and technological services, most notably the experimental farm “Muñovela”. IRNASA aims to be a reference at national and international level in the path towards a sustainable and environment friendly agriculture, having in mind the challenges posed by the current climate change.

The three main goals of IRNASA-CSIC Excellence Program are:

  1. Developing excellent and multidisciplinary research in line with the Horizon Europe strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, to become a reference at national and international level.
  2. Training of future generations of excellent researchers (PhD and PostDoc fellows).
  3. Contributing to the development of our social and economic environment by fostering new practices and policies in agriculture production systems, based in R+D transference to the productive sector.

To achieve these objectives, IRNASA develops various actions in six axes:

Ejes del Programa de Exclencia IRNASA-CSIC: Transferencia: promover los resultados de la investigación y promover el emprendimiento; Investigación: incrementar la producción científica, su calidad e impacto; Internacionalización: fortalecer las colaboraciones y la participación en proyectos; Servicios técnicos e infraestructuras: mejorar y ampliar las infraestructuras y equipamientos; Comunicación y RRI: avanzar hacia una Investigación e Innovación Responsables; Formación y atracción de talento: ser un centro referente para el desarrollo de la carrera científica