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Our main objective is the description of the shape of the seeds based on the comparison with geometric shapes (models).

In this line of research numerous articles have been published in recent years dedicated to different families and orders of plants, bibliographic reviews and monographs on the methods used, some of them originals of the group. The article Updated Methods for Seed Shape Analysis, has 8600 visits and 1700 downloads on the editor’s website and has been cited 45 times according to Research Gate.

Our group also works in:

Application of seed shape to the description of plant species, genera and families and for botanical classification.

Investigation of the different shapes (cardioid, oval, ellipse…) in different families.

⇒ Relationship of seed shape to taxonomic groups and other characters of interest in Agronomy, Botany, Ecology and Horticulture.

This is an original and multidisciplinary approach to the morphological description of seeds. In some previous works, the shape of seeds is described in a not very precise way and without taking into account the similarity with geometrical objects that can serve as models.

Three articles containing the morphological description of the seeds of two plant families (Vitaceae, Arecaceae) and of several species of the genus Silene corresponding to the subgenera Behenantha and Silene have been published in 2020.

The article “Seed Geometry in the Arecaceae” was published in the special issue “Feature Papers in Horticulturae” with the tag Editor’s choice.