IRNASA’s Muñovela Experimental Farm, located 15 kilometres from Salamanca, in the municipality of Barbadillo, is an agricultural farm of approximately 80 hectares at the disposal of the Institute’s researchers, companies and other entities to carry out R&D&I field projects in the field of agricultural and agro-environmental sciences.

Of the total area, 40.64 hectares are dry land, 12.25 hectares are irrigated land and the rest is pasture, grazing land and facilities.

The farm is mainly used for research trials. All areas of land not used for this purpose are devoted to the production of irrigated and rainfed cereals and oilseeds (wheat, barley, rye, oats, sunflower, rape, etc.), fodder crops (meadow and pasture, holm oak and pasture, fodder rye, vetch-wheat and alfalfa) and fallow land. The products obtained are mainly used to feed the farm’s own livestock.

80 Hectares

agricultural and agri-environmental

8 professionals
13 projects

developed in 2020

The farm has a herd of native black-coated Morucha cattle, registered with the National Association of Breeders of Selected Morucha Cattle, and a calf fattening farm. It also has a small flock of sheep, half of which are black-coated Merina, and a small production of Dehesa turkeys.

The farm has housing, warehouses and all the machinery and equipment necessary to carry out agricultural trials, both mechanised in macro-plots using the size of machinery usually used by farmers, and in micro-plots of 1.5 metres, as well as manual trials. It also has an AEMET weather station and soil sensors, which allows a large number of climatic and soil variables to be known in order to have more exhaustive control over the factors that influence the studies and their results.

Its great heterogeneity, together with the qualifications and commitment of its staff, makes it ideal for carrying out a wide variety of agricultural and agri-environmental tests.


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