Científico titular. Procesos de Degradación del Medio Ambiente y su Recuperación

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The interests of my research are addressed to deal the rising environmental problems in society linked to the intensive production and the management of agricultural soils with special emphasis on the contamination of soils and waters by pesticides. I am focused on the design and development of conservation agriculture practices to jointly maintain/improve the productivity and preserve and/or improve the quality and sustainability of resources (soils and waters) at short, medium and long term. My efforts are based on the study of: i) the processes involved in the dynamics of pesticides in agricultural soils, and ii) the modelling of the environmental pesticide fate for the assessment and prediction of their potential environmental contamination risk.

Throughout my career in CSIC Spain I have deeply studied the main processes involved in the behavior of pesticides in soils and the changes of this behavior through the use of organic amendments from laboratory to field scale. Then I have expanded the usefulness and applicability of these results by integrating them into mathematical models to evaluate and predict the potential environmental risk associated with the use of pesticides. My modelling learning has experienced a continuous evolution by laboratory, pseudo-field and field scale experiments through my pre- and post-doctoral stays in prestigious International Research Centers and collaborations with expert modelling researchers from different nationalities (Italy, UK and France more than 30 months). This background together with the scientific technical skills acquired (e.g. HPLC/DAD/MS, GC/MS, techniques with14C-pesticides,…) gave me the knowledge and experience necessary to be: i) Responsible for the field experimental design and modelling studies developed in a Spanish National Project (AGL2015-69485-R, 2016-2018), ii) Principal Investigator (PI) of a Spanish National Project (2019-2022, 169.400 €) focused on pesticide fate modelling under agriculture of conservation, and iii) Incorporated as a Titular Scientist at IRNASA-CSIC (Dec. 2021).

I have participated in 24 R&D projects (3 as PI, 1 as coordinator) (6 National, 3 Regional, 8 International, 4 International Actions, 3 Others, Total amount: 2.8 M€). I have published 39 JCR papers (30% signed with international researchers): 12 in D1 journals (31%), 18 Q1 (45%), 8 Q2 (21%) and 1 Q3 (3%) (h index=17, 746 citations (WoS)). I am the 1st or last author of 21 papers, and the corresponding author of 10. I have also published 10 papers in other journals, 2 book chapters, 20 in collective books, 18 in conference proceedings and 18 in divulgation media and I have presented 60 communications in International (39, being 12 oral) and National (21, being 14 oral) Conferences. I have obtained 2 research six-year periods (last in 2021). Moreover, I have supervised 4 PhD thesis: 2 defended in 2019 (PhD. Víctor Barba) and 2021 (PhD. Mª José Carpio), both with Cum Laude and Doctorate Award; and other 2 in progress (Marwa Douibi, expected defense date in Dec. 2023, and Asier Barrio). I am accredited by the ANECA for the figure of Assistant Professor Doctor, I have also supervised 14 Master/Degree/FP training students and 1 Master thesis (Mark: 104/110), and taught 12 Summer courses/seminars/divulgation conferences. On the other hand, I am a member of the: 1. Expert Committee of the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) and I have evaluated 6 R&D&i Projects for the AEI (2019-present); 2. Consolidated Research Unit of Castile and Leon UIC-275, 2019-2021; 3. Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform PTI-SOILBIO-CSIC (from 2018); 4. National Scientific Network of Soils (RED2018-102624-T), 2019-2022; 5. Spanish Society of Soil Science (SECS, from 2019); 6. Editorial board of Processes (MDPI, ISSN 2227-9717) and Agrochemicals (MDPI, ISSN 2813-3145) ; 7. Excellence Unit at IRNASA-CSIC (JCyL-2021-2024, 850,000 €). I am also habitual reviewer of scientific papers for international JCR journals, and guest editor for Environments (MDPI, ISSN 2076-3298), and Agronomy (MDPI, ISSN 2073-4395).

I am working in a thrilling interdisciplinary area of great scientist, environmental, political, social and economic interest. The knowledge acquired and the multidisciplinary research network built during my 16-year career has allowed me to collaborate with different International Groups and Consortiums through several projects (finished, ongoing or in evaluation).


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1. “Evaluation de l’exposition de l’environnement aux produits de biocontrôle comprenant des substances naturelles appliqués en grandes cultures et de leurs effets écotoxicologiques” (SN-BIOCONTROLE). 186.849 €. L’Office Française de la Biodiversité (OFB) (France), 2022–2025. Coordinator: Laure Mamy (INRAE). PARTICIPATION: Researcher.

2. “Aplicación de residuos orgánicos al suelo para la prevención y control de la contaminación por pesticidas en viticultura” (TED2021-129962B-C41). 134.320 €. MICINN/AEI/Next Generation EU, 2022-2024. PI and coordinators: Mª Sonia Rodríguez Cruz and Jesús Mª Marín Benito.

3. “Impacto de prácticas agrícolas de conservación en la microbiología del suelo” (202240I079). 5.000 €. CSIC. 2022–2023. PI: Jesús Mª Marín Benito.
4. “External organic matters for climate mitigation and soil health” (EOM4Soil).
2 M€ (420,307€ CSIC). H2020- EJP-SOIL-Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils, 2021–2024. Responsible CSIC: Mª Sonia Rodríguez-Cruz. PARTICIPATION: Researcher.

5. “Caractérisation de l’exposition du milieu aux produits de biocontrôle comprenant des substances naturelles appliqués en grandes cultures et de leurs impacts sur l’environnement”. 95.414 €. ANR (France), 2021–2023. PI: Laure Mamy (INRAE). PARTICIPATION: Researcher.

6. “Biostimulant alternative casing for a sustainable and profitable mushroom industry” (BIOSCHAMP-101000651). 4.2 M€ (172.562,50 € IRNASA). H2020-SFS-2020-1; SFS-04-2019-2020), 2020–2024. Responsible IRNASA-CSIC: Mª Sonia Rodríguez Cruz. PARTICIPATION: Researcher.

7. “Coupling pesticide fate modelling and conservation cropping systems to reduce the agriculture footprints on ecosystems” (RTI2018-101587-J-I00). 169.400 €. MCIN/AEI/FEDER EU, 2019–2022. PI: Jesús Mª Marín Benito.

8. “Desarrollo de técnicas de viticultura regenerativa para mejorar la calidad de los suelos de viñedo riojano y la calidad de la uva que producen”. (VITIREG 2019/00128/064). 199.766,79€ (100.332,32 €-Univ. Rioja-IRNASA-CSIC). Rural development 2014-2020 for Operational Groups-EU-FEADER-MAPA-Gobierno de La Rioja, 2019–2023. Responsible: Mª Soledad Andrades Rodríguez (Univ. Rioja), Mª Sonia Rodríguez-Cruz (Sub-contract IRNASA-CSIC). PARTICIPATION: Researcher.

9. “Dinámica de pesticidas en parcelas de campo experimentales enmendadas con residuos orgánicos: Simulación de su transporte en el suelo como herramienta para predecir la contaminación de aguas”. (AGL2015-69485-R). 78.650 €. MINECO, 2016–2018. PI: Mª Jesús Sánchez Martín (IRNASA). PARTICIPATION: Researcher.

10. “Evaluation et modélisation quantitative multicritères de systèmes de culture en rupture à faible usage de pesticides en réseau multi-sites, répondant aux exigences ECOPHYTO 2018” (System-Eco-Puissance4). 360.000 €. ONEMA (France), 2012–2018. Coordinator: Nicolás Munier-Jolain (INRA). PARTICIPATION: Researcher.