Científico Titular. Procesos de Degradación del Medio Ambiente y su Recuperación.

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CV SUMMARY (17/05/2023)

Scientific contributions: Dr. M. Sonia Rodriguez-Cruz holds a PhD in Pharmacy (2002) by the University of Salamanca (Spain). She has done several Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral stays (36 months) in different Research Centers at UK (Warwick-HRI), France (INRAe), Italy (Univ. Parma, IRSA-CNR) and Spain (University of Barcelona-IQAC-CSIC). She worked as postdoctoral researcher I3P-Doctor (CSIC) and “Ramon y Cajal” (MEC) at the Department of Processes of Degradation of the Environment and its Remediation (IRNASA-CSIC). Since 2008 she works as Research Scientist at IRNASA-CSIC, leading the CSIC Research group “Contamination of Soil and Water: Diagnosis, Prevention and/or Remediation” (2015-present).

She focuses her research on the study on the processes that control the fate of pesticides in the soil environment (sorption-desorption, leaching, degradation, dissipation and persistence), with special interest in the dissipation of pesticides in soils amended with organic wastes and their potential effects on the water environment and soil microbial communities. She has studied the development of physicochemical methods to prevent soil and water contamination by pesticides by immobilization in soils amended with modified inorganic materials or low-cost biomaterials. Studies on the occurrence of pesticides and organic contaminants and their metabolites in soils and water have been performed. Her current research is focused in the study of the effect of agricultural conservation practices (organic amendments, rotational crops, cover crops) on the persistence and dissipation of pesticides in soil. This research contributes to prevent the contamination of soils and water and improve the environmental fate of these compounds.

The main scientific contributions are results from her participation as researcher or principal investigator in 33 research projects + 1 submitted (4 EU projects, 11 National projects, 6 Regional projects, 9 projects funded by CSIC, AECID, USAL and 3 projects funded by DEFRA-UK). She is member of the Excellence Unit at IRNASA-CSIC funded by Junta CyL (2021-2024).

She has published 93 articles in JCR journals (h index=34, 3286 citations), being first or last author in 60% of them, more than 72% published in the first quartile and 31% in collaboration with different international researchers. Furthermore, she has published 16 papers in other journals, 1 HEC Book volume 113 (Springer), 81 book chapters, Proceedings and reports, and 71 articles in divulgation media. She has presented 151 communications in National (52) and International (99) Conferences.

Contributions to society: She has participated as researcher or responsible researcher in 6 research contracts with private and public institutions.

Contributions to the formation of young researchers: She has supervised 4 PhD theses (2011-J.M. Marín-Benito, CT at IRNASA-CSIC; 2016-A. Álvarez-Martín, Postdoc Univ. Antwerp, Belgium; 2019-V. Barba, Technician Vigo customs; 2021-MJ. Carpio, Postdoc ICA-CSIC) + 3 PhD theses (in progress). Supervision of 3 Master theses, 1 Degree dissertation, 3 contracted fellows, 2 postdoc contracts, 3 PhD contracts, 2 JAE-Intro postgraduate fellows, and practices of 23 Graduate and Master students and 8 FP students. She has presented conferences and seminars in doctorate courses and is member of the Doctorate Program in Agrobiotechnology at University of Salamanca from 2013.

Relevant Publications (last 5 years)

  1. Carpio M.J., Andrades M.S., Herrero Hernández E., Marín-Benito J.M., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. Changes in vineyard soil parameters after repeated application of organic-inorganic amendments based on spent mushroom substrate. Environ. Res. 221, 115339.
  2. Rodríguez Cruz M.S., Sánchez Martín M.J. 2022. Pesticides in soils. Occurrence, Fate, Control and Remediation. The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Series volume 113. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany. 290 pp. ISBN: 978-3-030-90545-3 (1st edition).
  3. Carpio M.J., Marín-Benito J.M., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2021. Accelerated dissipation of two herbicides after repeated application in field experiments with organically-amended soil. Agronomy 11, 1125.
  4. Marín-Benito J.M., Herrero-Hernández E., Ordax J.M., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2021. The role of two organic amendments to modify the environmental fate of S-metolachlor in agricultural soils. Environ. Res. 195, 110871.
  5. Carpio M.J., Marín-Benito J.M., García-Delgado C., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2020. Soil microbial community changes in a field treatment with chlorotoluron, flufenacet and diflufenican and two organic amendments. Agronomy 10, 1166.
  6. Marín-Benito, J.M., Carpio, M.J., Mamy, L., Andrades, M.S., Sanchez-Martin, M.J., Rodriguez-Cruz, M.S. 2020. Field measurement and modelling of chlorotoluron and flufenacet persistence in unamended and amended soils. Sci. Total Environ. 725, 138374.
  7. García-Delgado C., Marín-Benito J.M., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2020. Organic carbon nature determines the capacity of organic amendments to adsorb pesticides in soil. J. Hazard. Mat. 390, 122162.
  8. Barba V., Marín-Benito J.M., García-Delgado C., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2019. Assessment of 14C-prosulfocarb dissipation mechanism in soil after amendment and its impact on the microbial community. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Saf. 182, 109395.
  9. Marín-Benito J.M., Carpio M.J., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2019. Previous degradation study of two herbicides to simulate their fate in a sandy loam soil: Effect of the temperature and the organic amendments. Sci. Total Environ. 653, 1301-1310.
  10. García-Delgado C., Barba-Vicente V., Marín-Benito J.M., Igual J.M., Sánchez-Martín M.J., Rodríguez-Cruz M.S. 2019. Influence of different agricultural management practices on soil microbial community over dissipation time of two herbicides. Sci. Total Environ. 646, 1478-1488.

Research projects (last 5 years)

  1. TITLE: Diagnosis and mitigation of soil and water contamination by pesticides applied in viticulture (TED2021-129962B-C41). 404.570,00 € (134.800,00 € IRNASA-CSIC). AEI-MICINN. 2022-2025. PI and coordinator: M.S. Rodríguez-Cruz, J.M. Marín-Benito.
  2. TITLE: External organic matters for climate mitigation and soil health (EOM4Soil). 2 M€ (420,307 € CSIC). H2020- EJP-SOIL-Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils. 2021-2024. Responsible CSIC: M.S. Rodríguez-Cruz.
  3. TITLE: Herbicide residues in soils: Factors influencing their formation and possible effects on rotational crops (PID2020-113379RB-I00). 125.840,00 €. AEI-MICINN. 2021-2023. PI: M.S. Rodríguez-Cruz.
  4. TITLE: Innovative Soil Management Practices across Europe (i-SoMPE). 460,000.00€ (12,200.00€-IRNASA). H2020- EJP-SOIL-Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils. 2021- 2022. Responsible IRNASA-CSIC: M.S. Rodríguez-Cruz.
  5. TITLE: Biostimulant alternative casing for a sustainable and profitable mushroom industry (Ref.No.: BIOSCHAMP-101000651). 4,2M€ (172,562.50€-IRNASA). H2020-SFS-2020-1; SFS-04-2019-2020. 2020-2024. Responsible IRNASA-CSIC: M.S. Rodríguez-Cruz.
  6. TITLE: Development of regenerative viticulture techniques to improve the soil and grape quality of vineyards within the DOCa Rioja. VITIREG 2019/00128/064. 199.766,79€ (100.332,32€-Univ. Rioja-IRNASA-CSIC). Rural development 2014-2020 for Operational Groups-EU-FEADER-MAPA-Gobierno de la Rioja. 2019-2023. Responsible: Mª Soledad Andrades Rodríguez (Univ. Rioja), M.S. Rodríguez-Cruz (Sub-contract IRNASA-CSIC).
  7. 7. TITLE: Use of certified organic farming practices as a method of landscape conservation and management in the “dehesa” ecosystem. Coordinated Project IRNASA-CSIC-USAL. 139.000,00 €. Diputación de Salamanca. 2018-2021. PI: S. Rodríguez-Cruz (Sub-project 2).